Who We Are

25 Years of ensuring our guests have the most enjoyable experience.
The idea of Golf Central was ignited in September of 1995. There appeared to be an inherent need in the market place for a service to make arrangements for golfers visiting Vancouver Island and provide a golf shuttle service to Victoria golf courses. The company was co-founded by Tyler Hadfield and Steve Jackson, the long trek began to obtain the necessary licenses to start a company of this nature. The process was slow but by the start of August 1996 Golf Central was a fully functioning entity with an office, two vans and thousands of brochures.

What We Do

Golf Central strives to be the ultimate service-oriented, booking and transportation company. In the time we have been operating we have had nothing but tremendous support from both the hotels and golf courses alike.

In addition we have received much praise from our clients who have always enjoyed themselves and taken material back to their friends. Golf Central provides preferred tee times, green fees, and transportation in an all-inclusive packaged price with all the necessary arrangements for power carts and rental clubs. We are a service-oriented company thus we provide a tour of the club house and golf facilities and confirm all reservations with our guests and the golf clubs. Our professional standard of service has resulted in repeat customers making us one of the preferred West Coast golf connections.  
We strive not only to maintain an outstanding relationship with our clients but with the hotels and golf courses as well. We believe that our service makes it easier for travel agents, front desk personnel, concierges and bellmen to provide you better service. We do it all. 

Golf Central now books complete holiday packages with hotel and rental car requirements in all parts of British Columbia. Through the success in servicing our clients on Vancouver Island the demand to book golf vacations for them in other parts of British Columbia has grown. We book throughout BC, including Vancouver Island, Kelowna, Whistler and Vancouver.

We are in the industry, as golf enthusiasts, to fill a market void and have found it to be beneficial for all involved. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any inquiries about golfing in British Columbia

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